Zoho Mobile Sync

1. What is Zoho Mobile Sync ?

Zoho Mobile Sync is an application that offers over-the-air, two way synchronization of Zoho applications (

    Zoho Contacts, Zoho Calendar, Zoho Mail) with the built-in applications in your mobile devices using     the Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®protocol.

2.  How does Zoho Mobile Sync work ?

    Using Zoho Mobile Sync, 2-way synchronization happens over-the-air, in the background (provided an internet     connection is available) and once turned on, does not require any further manual intervention. So wherever you are,     however occupied you might be doing other things, your mobile device will be up-to-date with the latest messages, event     updates and contact information.

    Zoho Mobile Sync functions using your mobile device’s Microsoft Exchange® ActiveSync® (EAS) account support and     does not require any additional software. Since almost all the latest IOS, Android and Windows mobile devices support     EAS, you can easily enable Zoho Mobile Sync on most mobile devices that run on these popular platforms. If you want      to sync only mail, only mail and calendar but not contacts and so on, you can specify your options in your device’s EAS     account settings.

3.  How to avail / register for Zoho Mobile Sync ?


    Zoho Mobile Sync will not work with POP accounts in Zoho Mail. This sync functionality is for users who have their     domain hosted with Zoho.

    Zoho Mobile Sync is free for all users. You don't need to pay any thing extra to avail this service. If you are an     Organization user, your Organization mail administrator need to enable mobile sync for your account in the mail admin     control panel. Check here for more details on this.

4.  What all devices support Zoho Mobile Sync ?

    Any devices which has PUSH support can be used with Zoho Mobile Sync service.

5.  Which all Zoho applications can be sync-ed using Zoho Mobile Sync ?

    As of now, Zoho Contacts, Zoho Calendar, Zoho Mail can only be sync-ed with your smartphones using Zoho Mobile     Sync service.

    P.S : Zoho CRM contacts and calendar events cannot be sync-ed with your device using this service.

6.  Where should I create the account ?


    Account should be created on the smartphone. Refer the setup instructions guide for more details on how to create the     account.

7.  I have created the account, but my mails do not sync, Why ?

    Check for the below mentioned points.

    a. If you are an Organization user, confirm with your mail administrator to enable Mobile Sync option for your account.

    b. Check you network connectivity.


    If not working in spite of everything  being proper, do mail us at support@zohosync.com.

8.  Why my Inbox mails alone are pushed to the device ?

    In any device, by default, the Inbox mails are pushed to the device. This is a setting in the device. In iOS devices, this     can be changed by navigating to Settings --> Mail, Contact and Calendar --> Created Account --> Folders to Push. But     for any other devices, this cannot be changed. Only Inbox mails will be pushed.

9.  Why I cannot see any events in the device' calendar even after the account is created ?

    Zoho Mobile Sync will sync only the primary calendar of your Zoho Calendar with your smart phone. Ensure you have     events in that calendar. Multiple Calendar is not supported.

10.  How to enable push mails for the desired folders ?

    In iOS devices, this  can be changed by navigating to Settings --> Mail, Contact and Calendar --> Created Account     --> Folders to Push. But for any other devices, this cannot be changed. Only Inbox mails will be pushed.

11.   Which contacts will be sync-ed to the device ?


    Contacts present under All Contacts category alone will be sync-ed to your device.

12.  Will my mobile contacts be in sync with Zoho?

    As per ActiveSync protocol, Exchange server will not have control over mobile contacts or any other mail account     contacts. So mobile contacts or other mail account contacts will not be in sync with Zoho. Zoho contacts will be listed     as a separate Exchange category. 

13.  I have created the account, but my calendar events/ Contacts do not sync, Why ?

    Zoho Calendar and Zoho Contacts will be synced with mobile devices and available as separate category. Please be     make sure that Exchange category is selected to view the Zoho Calendar and Zoho Contacts. 

14.   If you face Invalid password or authentication issue, please check the below settings.

       a. Please check whether your mail administrator has enabled Mobile Sync for your account. Please find here <       https://adminconsole.wiki.zoho.com/mail/Mobile-Active-Sync.html > to find more details on this.

      b. If Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is enabled for your account, please use Application Specific Password while           creating the Exchange account inthe device. To know more about application Specific Password, click here . 

15.   Why email is not pushing to my iOS devices?

        After upgrading to latest iOS(8.1), we often see an issue regarding that emails are not getting push to iOS device. As,         we are not getting push requests from iOS devices. We will check once it is fixed from iOS upcoming updates.

 16.   Why Organisation Contacts are not updated from mobile to Zoho Web?

            Regarding Organisation contacts, editing/deleting operation from mobile to Zoho Web contacts is not supported and edit/delete operations for Organisation contacts should be done only on Zoho Web Contacts. As, non-admin users will not have permission to add/edit/delete Organisation.

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